Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn to me resembles something closer to what you would see in early Hollywood films. While it wasn’t the average action movie with the typical comic relief, it did have the complete fight scenes that you would see in something like the ‘Daredevil’ series. On top of that, it set the foundation for an abundant amount of possibilities. King Hu began messing around with cutting frames with transitions to make it appear as if the villain was jumping/flying around. I actually found this quite innovative since I assume they didn’t have the cable work at the time to hook the person up to fly around. While the arrows and effects in the fight scenes were still less than up to par with Hollywood standards, it was a sign of progression. Compared to the mindless battles of the first viewed film, we see better planned scenes. For example, when the man in white, Xiao I believe, was attacked in the Inn, he countered an arrow with the wine glass and shot it back. These little things show me that King Hu is becoming more comfortable in showing his style and creating things that are more appealing to the audience. Sure, back and forth fighting is entertaining and all, but when you think outside the box and show the people they haven’t thought of or seen before, you set the standards that much father up. I liked this movie as much as Come Drink with Me when it comes to how it was filmed, however, when it comes to how thought through it was I’d give an advantage to Dragon Inn. Better fight scenes and planned out sequence between protagonist and antagonist at the end. Although it may have been a bit over-extended, it definitely makes up for the scene in the movie prior.


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