Fate of Lee Khan

Fate of Lee Khan is by far one of King Hu’s most well orchestrated films that we have seen so far. Though plot is slim, it is visible and helps us understand what is being connected throughout the film. Another plus is that we aren’t waiting until the end to see who the villain is. Instead, we get a glimpse early on and come to realize that the inn occupants are rebels trying to take down the Khan name. One thing I noticed was the camera angles in certain scenes. To make it more dramatic, King Hu used low angle camera shots, especially in the outdoor scenes near the end. The part I enjoyed the most was the fighting choreography. It was smooth and seemed more reasonable/realistic than his past films. Even the arrows being shot by the inn keeper appeared faster and more believable. I am glad that King Hu is out of his amateur status and has finally become comfortable enough in filmmaking to put together a more satisfying to watch film.


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