Legend of the Mountain

Both Raining in the Mountain and Legend of the Mountain show King Hu’s ability to change things up. Instead of creating an action packed film full of epic martial arts sequences, he decides to take a spookier twist using ghosts and religion, using similar pieces from his prior film. Just in time for Halloween. Although the film had a pretty sturdy plot, it seemed to come to a lull halfway through which made it difficult to get through. Similar themes we see are seduction and backstabbing. I like how King Hu, though he claimed to not be a religious man, understands the influence of religion in film and the impact it can have on a story. Especially with the limitless opportunities for stories.  What I liked most was that this seemed to take place in more than two areas. Not only was it in the main property of the ghosts and in the forest, it was also in another ghosts property and a Taoist residence. Compared to his other films which typically seem to have 2-3 different locations, it was nice to change things up and vary he scenery.


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